Eggs get The Tick...

NHFTickPace Farm is pleased to announce that fresh hen shell eggs have received the Heart Foundation's Tick of approval.

The move to include eggs in the Heart Foundation's Tick Program is based on scientific evidence showing eggs are a highly nutritious food that can be included as part of a balanced diet.

The Tick is a highly recognisable symbol, which quickly highlights healthier food choices, and will help promote the nutritional benefits of eggs.

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Pace Farm is a 100% Australian, family owned and operated company, providing fresh shell eggs and egg products to supermarkets, restaurants and food manufacturers. 

Today, we are almost unrecognizable from our origins as a 22,000 laying hen farm in western Sydney.  Over time we have become one of Australia's largest producer, marketer and distributor of shell eggs and egg products.  

I'm commited to providing my customers with the freshest, tastiest and most enjoyable eggs.  That's why we manage everything ourselves - from rearing day old chicks to delivering eggs and egg products via our own delivery fleet.  We've invested heavily in the lastest technology and farming methods to protect and maintain the quality of all our products. 

I'm proud to bring Australian families a broad choice of eggs - cage, barn laid, organic and free range.  Over the years Pace Farm have been pioneers in specialty eggs and were the first to bring you Liberty® Barn Laid eggs, omega-3 enriched Body Egg®, and we've enabled 100% organic free range Eco Eggs to be widely stocked in supermarkets.   

Wishing you an enjoyable egg experience, from my family to yours,