our commitment to quality

As a 100% Australian, family owned and operated company we are committed to earning and maintaining the trust of our customers.  

The commitment to Quality and Food Safety originates from the highest level with our founder championing continuous improvement in all areas of our business.

Pace Farm participates in a number of independently audited international and national accreditation schemes - HACCP, NSW Salmonella monitoring and Egg Corp Assured.  Our quality management system is in place across all of our farms, grading floors and distribution centres - encompassing the production and collection of eggs right through to delivery of product to our customers. 

HACCP food safety system

Pace Farm uses the internationally recognised and scientifically based food safety system known as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point pronounced "hassip"), first developed 30 years ago as part of the US space program. 

It works along the lines of "prevention is better than the cure", with control points established at every critical stage of the supply chain to minimise the occurrence of food-borne illnesses. 

HACCP involves seven key principles:

  • Analysing hazards
  • Identifying critical control points
  • Establishing preventive measures
  • Monitoring critical control points
  • Establishing corrective actions
  • Verifying the system, and
  • Documenting the results

Pace Farm has developed HACCP programmes for all of our farms. These are the benchmarks used by suppliers in the food industry and a requirement for producers if they are to supply to some of the leading organisations in Australia including supermarket and restaurant chains. 

Our employees are not only responsible for their own actions, but also for monitoring all critical control points in our operations, and taking appropriate corrective actions when needed.

Developed and monitored by Quality Assurance Services Pty Ltd, these programmes play a critical role in ensuring that Pace Farm eggs and products are always of the highest order. 

In addition, Pace Farm's egg products have also been certified as Halal, enabling Pace to source valuable export contracts as well as supplying to a critical aspect of Australia's population.

Pace Farm has made a commitment to constantly improving our already robust quality system individualising it for each site, to cater for differences in environments, processes and technology.

salmonella monitoring scheme (government accredited)

Pace Farm participates in the NSW Government's salmonella monitoring accreditation scheme.  The scheme requires each egg laying farm to regularly submit swabs to test for salmonellas that may cause food poisoning outbreaks.  To date, none of these salmonellas have been found at Pace Farm operations. 

egg corp assured

The Egg Corp Assured quality assurance program is a national iniative coordinated by the Australian Egg Corporation.  Egg Corp Assured addresses issues including food safety, biosecurity, animal welfare and egg labelling.  Farms are assessed by a registered third party auditor.

Only egg businesses that have had their quality assurance program audited against Egg Corp Assured standards by an accredited ECA auditor are entitled to apply for the ECA trade mark. 

National Packaging Covenant

Pace Farm is a signatory to the National Packaging covenant.  To view our submission click here.

quality assurance audits

To ensure the utmost transparency, we also subject our systems and performance to regular external audits by NCS International who ensure compliance with the internationally recognised HACCP accreditation system.

All NSW operartions are licensed under the NSW Food & Health Authority.

At Pace Farm we understand that quality is the foundation for our success. By focusing on our systems and procedures to make them as rigorous as possible, we hope to ensure that your family has the most enjoyable experience possible, every time you choose Pace.

environmental performance

Pace Farm is committed to its environmental responsibilities and to continual improvement of environmental performance. In NSW all holders of an environment protection licence must prepare a pollution incident response management plan (PIRMP) and undertake environmental monitoring if prescribed by the EPA. Pace Farm has two facilities operating under environment protection licences; publically available sections of their PIRMPs and monitoring results can be found below.


pollution incident management response plan

EPA monitoring results

Wattle ridge

pollution incident management response plan

EPA monitoring results